WaterAid: Change the Record

WaterAid: Change the Record

Integrated Campaign Identity and Styling.

WaterAid’s ‘Change the Record’ campaign aims to transform the lives of girls around the world, to prioritise water, sanitation, and hygiene in their day-to-day life. Officially launched by Michael and Emily Eavis, the campaign will kick-off at Glastonbury and look to gain support, recognition and momentum by way of a petition which will be presented to world leaders at the UN General Assembly. We were invited by WaterAid to create an integrated campaign identity that would be used across offline and online channels. Inclusive to the identity, creative planning and project management, extent of executed work comprised design, illustration, hand-drawn lettering, typography and brand tool-kit.

#ChangeTheRecord and sign the petition here.

Read further about this project here.

Photographs courtesy of WaterAid. Copyright © 2014.


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