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Making our Stationery Gift Pack

A behind-the-scenes look at the development of our stationery gift pack

Our Character Collection Vol. 02 line focused on the creation of a modern stationery pack.

We designed a new custom typeface, engineered a bespoke wallet (that carried zero gluing or applied finishing other than folds and tucks), developed stationery elements to include a notebook, pencils and print and finally, a bespoke, engraved clip.

Two months in the making, the process included a disciplined approach to sustainable sourcing and production, particularly for all paper and board elements.

Prototyping included several iterations of the outer wallet — an early one below:

Our paper library provided inspiration for finding the perfect stocks. We tried prototyping with a few before finalising Colorplan, Keaykolour and Munken.

Early concepts considered a metal ruler before deciding to develop a metal clip.

The new typeface was developed with early iterations setting the parameter of set angles.

The same typeface angles were used to create an intricate pattern as part of the collection. This was used for the deboss die-plate to the notebook cover.

Production, cost-buying and sourcing pushed for the smallest environmental footprint, per unit cost and time resource for fulfilment without compromising quality, craftsmanship and design effectiveness.

We worked with a team of production partner specialists to realise the end physical products and would like to say huge thanks to Boss Print, Sure Print, Badge Base and Navillus for their attention and care in helping us produce all the elements.

The end journey organically took us to creating and launching our very own studio store which we couldn’t be happier to share with you all.

Click here to view our Character Collection Vol. 02 stationery gift pack and the full range of products from our studio store:


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