The Character Collection #Minx20

We are super happy to present – the Character Collection. A typographical series, designed by us, available as individual pins and postcards.

To mark our studio’s 20th Anniversary, the idea was borne from our love of design and what we do every day – with a focus on typography, adding character to characters, creating a digitally crafted visualised language.

A collaborative team venture, the brief was to produce original typographic design and lettering, to form an eclectic yet cohesive collection.

This unique collection is exclusive to Minx Creative, and we are happy to present a preview, ahead of its official launch in January. From each sale, 20% of the profit will be donated to the UK charity for homeless people, Crisis.

Spread the word. We believe in the power of the written word, freedom of expression, and using your voice for positive impact on progressive change…as well as the everyday fun inherent in word play. The sky’s the limit, 26 characters and a wealth of possibilities.

Spell out what matters to you!

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