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Earth Day — 50th Anniversary

Earth Day is on April 22 of every year and this year will mark its 50th anniversary.

It’s more important now than ever to appreciate, value, support and preserve the natural beauty and life-giving treasures our planet gives us, to support our time on earth. This has become highlighted more significantly during the heartbreaking current global health crisis, where the resulting flip side of a global ‘lockdown’ is that the reduction in pollution and depletion of the earth’s resources has given it some much-needed time to breathe.

There’s much we can do to help protect and restore our planet, and preserve its treasures. We can all make a small daily contribution to something so great, and collectively be part of a happy, thriving global community.

Today, we celebrate our love and appreciation of our incredible planet by sharing some of our favourite places across the world.

Support Earth Day today, and every day.


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