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Minx Creative | Since 1997

A Visual Identity that Celebrates Diversity

The redesign (initially conceived to salute 20 years in design), is part of a greater celebration of our individuality as a studio.

It reflects a collective driven by upfront honesty, meticulous dedication and a wide understanding of design in all its great and multi-faceted forms.

The monogrammatic identity adapts with ease across various platforms; simply stating the valued strengths of a studio built up from positive, industrious people and their expanding knowledge.

A transformable underscore boldly denotes personality and individuality — an ever-changing mark, encouraging creativity and free expression.

The freedom and flexibility of this identity sits alongside a considered bespoke typeface, toolkit and colour palette, upholding the studio’s continuous commitment to practising good design.

All that we are together, our beliefs and passion for inventive design, pushes us to continue connecting with wider audiences, working closely with those who inspire and champion a brighter future.

With over two decades in design, we reflect on the strength of diversity and inclusivity, overcoming convention and bravely encouraging freedom of thought and expression.


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