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We launched our initiative, Mentoring Sessions, in February 2021 — over the past 12 months, we’ve had the privilege of working with mentees of all levels and backgrounds and haven’t looked back. It’s been as much of a learning journey for us as the individuals whom we’ve met along the way.

We’ve uncovered some common hurdles and challenges that designers face today and learned about the impact these issues have on their lives, goals and plans, including:

  • Finding or changing a job
  • Self-confidence
  • Building on experience
  • Understanding roles, routes and responsibilities
  • Freelancing vs full-time employment
  • In-house vs studio/agency

Whilst there are a host of resources available to designers online, seemingly the opportunity of speaking face-to-face made a huge difference. Each 60 minute session covered so much ground, it became evident this approach was incomparable to learning via an online resource. Similarly, the chance to freely speak (one-to-one) with a studio head was seen as a welcome opportunity.

We have heard from the majority of our mentees over the year — some have secured new jobs, taken up internships, expanded their network and joined new groups, and a couple have now become mentors themselves. Overall, we’ve seen positive outcomes.

Our studio will continue with the programme — registration and details here.


We asked some of our mentees why they looked for a mentor and how it helped.

Andrea Dona — Visual Designer

Why did you look for a mentor?
Last year I decided it was time to look for a new job, after working for the same company for five years. I soon realised that I was out of the job search game for too long, I was struggling to promote my skills properly and I wasn’t really sure my portfolio was good enough to attract the attention of design agencies out there. I really felt that talking to a mentor could help me get an unbiased opinion on the above and get me on the right track.

How did it help?
I was amazed by how much attention and care was put into understanding my career goals! I walked through some of the case studies in my portfolio, and was given some smart and specific feedback, as well as reassurance of my design skills. That one session really paid off. Following the tips, I tweaked my portfolio and found my new job soon after. If you want some honest opinions about your design career and your works (no matter your level of seniority), register for a mentoring session!

Luke Henry — Graphic Designer

Why did you look for a mentor?
I was looking for a mentor because I was having a hard time progressing and so I wanted a critique, not only of my work but my direction and attitude towards becoming a full-time graphic designer.

How did it help?
It helped more than I could have imagined. Roz reviewed how I presented myself/work online and my demeanour/body language and gave me a few tasks that have set me on the road to presenting myself as a professional, confident graphic designer! Today I have gained a lot of confidence and joined a design internship.

Hannah Wilson — Graphic Designer

Why did you look for a mentor?
My mentoring session came several months into my first job working at a small start-up as their Graphic Designer. I needed design-specific feedback on my work and tailored advice on where to improve. I also wanted to gain the confidence (and sanity!) that I was on the right track with my design career. I was keen to expand my network too, being relatively new to the world of design after originally studying Fine Art.

How did it help?
The session exceeded my expectations, it was short and sweet, but I walked away feeling energised and more positive about my situation. I gained some direction about what steps to take next and practical advice on how to improve my CV and portfolio. I am very grateful that I came across Minx Creative; they’ve made me feel welcomed!


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