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This month marks our second full year of running Mentoring Sessions, our studio initiative providing guidance, feedback and mentoring to Graphic Designers of all levels.

Over the past 12 months we have met with 25 mentees, living across the UK and overseas. From emerging designers through to Mid-weight and Senior levels, we spent time talking about current circumstances, work and future goals. Each 60 minute session, being uniquely geared for the mentee, covered as much ground as possible.

Whilst there are a host of resources available to designers online, the opportunity to speak face-to-face and openly with a creative head was recognised as a hugely positive outcome and much needed.

Common hurdles and challenges that continue to be the main decision-maker for mentees reaching out to us in the first instance, include:

  • Finding or changing a job
  • Breaking into the industry
  • Self-confidence
  • Building on experience
  • Understanding roles, routes and responsibilities
  • Expectations of working in creative environments
  • Freelancing vs full-time employment
  • In-house vs studio/agency
  • How to take your role to the next level
  • Moving from one skill set to another

We will continue running the free sessions with discussions currently underway to set up group sessions.


We asked some of our mentees why they looked for a mentor and how it helped.

Lauren Forrester — Senior Designer

Why did you look for a mentor?
There is very little opportunity for mentorship in my current (and previous) roles. Very senior level creatives in fast paced environments are squeezed by so many responsibilities they just aren’t able to spend the time needed with those coming up below them. Particularly so through covid and now we are working remotely / hybrid, those opportunities to get involved in small ways through the day are missing.

How did it help?
It’s not often I would share my concerns about my performance with colleagues. I valued our session because it was neutral, I wasn’t trying to impress anyone (for once!) – I could speak really honestly about my experience and receive supportive and constructive feedback without worrying about it having an impact on my salary expectations or how I’d be perceived in future.

Ana Shuyi — Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Why did you look for a mentor?
I have been working with a starter company for 2 years after I graduate as an oversea student, and through hard work and been given the chance of managing a small team, I became the leading graphic designer of the company. But since I never got the chance to work in a design agency, nor a company with a complete system, I felt the lack of confidence and questioned my abilities as an industrial standard designer. And my status as non-UK resident, brought me more stress and insecurity. And I was lost, I didn’t know if I am actually good or just the kindness of my directors and colleagues. So I reached out and wished to hear genuine thoughts about me from an experienced local designer.

How did it help?
The session was really joyful, the time flied and I felt very comfortable to show my characters as a person and a designer. It was a huge boost of motivation for me, and I got very genuine suggestions, about how and what to do to improve my portfolio & CV, the talk was a gentle push, and I rebuilt the confidence through the talk. As a result, I assured myself that I do have the abilities, I’m on the right track, I just need to push things forward, and I felt I got more energy to achieve my goals. Thank you so much!

Rachel Braden— Graphic Designer

Why did you look for a mentor?
The reason I looked for a mentor was for some guidance; I was stuck at the point in my career where I needed some fresh new ideas and just some pointers of where I needed to improve.

How did it help?
Speaking to Roz really helped, made me realise that it’s perfectly normal to feel the way I was and that it happens to everyone from time to time. It also gave me the confidence to keep going and maybe look at things in other ways to help gain inspiration.

Bonnie Agaba — Creative Designer

Why did you look for a mentor?
Finding a mentor was and still is a key part in rapid or steady growth in my current career plan. I was completely lost without guidance and needed to find someone who was (or is) willing to pass on their genius and hopefully help grow mine.

How did it help?
Well this part is painfully eye-opening. I was advised to become who I already was but was walking away from. It’s hard to sell African design to Africans so the more ‘modern’ or ‘western’ your design seems, the more likely the Ugandan market will accept it. However I wanted to break from the confines of this market, I needed to become an amazing ‘Ugandan Designer’.

Since receiving this advice, I have pushed my designs to show a stronger connection to the Ugandan and/or African heritage, mainly in pattern building and typography (depending on the project). This got me so excited that I have begun to apply this to UI design as well.

This new touch to my work has grabbed the eyes and trust of a few SMEs that have been lucky enough to get funding from programs like the ‘NSSF Hi innovator’ which is focusing on unlocking the potential of young entrepreneurs in the country. This should allow me the chance to show my country, Uganda, how far you can push design in branding, advertising and UI/UX design.


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