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Mentoring Sessions

We are in an industry that has undergone significantly variable shifts. Career challenges and uncertainty for designers is an ongoing concern and daily reality.

The journey from emerging and junior through to mid-weight and senior level carries many checkpoints. For some, these are achieved smoothly, pacing through with determination, focus, courage and strong work ethics. For others, who have the same qualities, navigating the journey may be harder to overcome, which can impede progress, cause frustration or even a change in career.

Our mentoring platform is open to graphic designers of all levels. As an alternative to longer-term programmes, we offer one-to-one virtual chats where we will listen, question and feedback to our mentees. We will share from our journey, the partner networks we have and employer/studio insights. Our goal is to help you claim your fullest potential, focus on your objectives, plus advise, guide and be open about our experiences as practising designers.

We are currently running these sessions on a one-off basis, with contingencies in place for mentees that may require further advice.

Our mentoring sessions are completely free. Due to demand it may not be possible to take on every request, but we will endeavour to accommodate as many as possible.

Register by emailing us, explaining why you’d like a mentoring session, and include an up-to-date CV with some work examples. Send to:

mentoring sessions
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