Minx Creative
Studio Book

Design and Paper Engineering

This book was developed to formally introduce our studio to organisations/people that we had come across over the years and really liked. Our first page plans were lengthy, we had produced a vast volume of work since our last book (three years prior), page counts were in excess of 54pp yet our concept was geared towards clarity of communication, the time spent digesting the book should be commensurate to that. Eventually we reduced the extent down to 20pp plus 6pp cover.

Our refreshed identity from the previous year and firm sustainability foundation kicked off the initial inspiration of application, we kept with our house stock of Cranes Crest, used two spot colours bar the end signature, limited the run to 100 and carried out the binding (Singer-sewn) inside our studio.

The love we have for paper engineering played a big part in the making of this book. We designed the finishing aspect so that it could actually be completed in-house pre-binding, apart from the die-cuts and areas to crease. To finish off the book, we packaged it up in cut-down potato sacks sewn with paper (Cranes Crest cut-off) labels.

Each member of the team worked on this book from creative, typography, illustration, artworking through to copywriting, photography and final production.