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New brand identity and ecommerce website for an innovative incorporation firm

A new brand to help kick-start businesses of all types

Running a business is often an appealing prospect for a number of good reasons — the freedom to choose, flexibility, potential rewards, creating value and receiving the benefit directly for the work are just a few of those reasons many take the step for.

Ist Choice Incorporations is a customer-focused, London and Cambridge-based company specialising in business incorporations, company compliance and statutory obligations. The organisation identified the need to provide an all-encompassing service, which would allow new business owners access to a professional network of financial and legal support, specialist guidance as well as the fastest steps to the formation of a business.

Developing an identity that captures the breadth of expertise

Researching the process led us to creating a flexible mark that represented the three pillars of service expertise: 1) statutory obligations, 2) company compliance, 3) formation. The nest of hierarchy in that order.

A contrasting primary colour system provided a bold injection to the visual landscape. This new brand had to carry weight and build trust, it needed to amplify to a wide audience without borders.

UI/UX design and build of the ecommerce website needed the balance of professional and informative with the challenge of keeping the whole user experience and purchasing journey compliant yet as effortless as possible.


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