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Brand identity framework for an international membership body

An international platform for creators

The International Authors Forum (IAF) is a membership body for organisations representing authors and visual artists all over the world.

Set up with the aim to ensure that creators are fairly recognised and rewarded for the success of their work, the IAF organise, consult, inform and collaborate globally with their members.

They actively work in favour of balanced contractual legislation that guarantees fair practices for authors and visual artists, pushing to guarantee creators retain their economic and moral rights against buyouts and other unfair practices.

Representation, diversity, unity

We were asked to develop a new identity and brand styling programme for the platform; one that could be deployed primarily across digital channels and easily engage with an international audience.

Working collaboratively with our client, we developed a logomark and evolving visual language that represented the individuality as well as the vibrancy of the platform’s diverse community base. This was achieved by creating a cohesive tapestry of pattern work combined with an energetically striking colour palette. The geometric formula was created to work synergistically as a whole (united) or as individual/paired pieces.


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    International Authors Forum

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    Brand Identity, Motion, Print Design, Product Development, Strategy

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