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Integrated identity, branding and strategy for a specialist software development firm

Brand unification for a growing firm that innovates and pioneers within the financial software industry

Cytec Solutions develops, implements and supports tailored software solutions, with a focus on share plan administration and insider management. They have built a strong and much-respected reputation for creating inventive, practical and effective ‘Software-as-a-Service’ (SaaS) models, for listed and private companies, administrators and trustees.

Their two flagship software products, Sharetrack and Insidertrack, are market-leading, advanced, fully-featured systems. As the business has developed, new technologies and products have been authored and evolved.

A long partnership with the firm has provided us with extra insight into their growth, culture, strategies and planned objectives. An audit revealed that whilst Cytec had met year-on-year targets, their brand identity and output needed refreshing and future planning.

Our challenge: to develop an evolving scheme that could seamlessly grow across the company brand as well as its growing portfolio of software products. How could we unify all brand assets and products which previously stood autonomously within their respective demographic reach.

Our audit and strategic planning included board-level Q&A workshops, full reviewal and road testing of all products within their asset architecture as well as mapping and translation of future projected developments.

The brand strategy built upon Cytec’s reputation as innovators and pioneers within the industry and their continued promise to deliver excellence. We conceived a bold scheme that unified the different brands of products to the Company under a focused umbrella.

The ‘power of shape’ determined our approach to creating a strong, confident and flexible visual language. We developed and refined every detail of the new identity, including brand styling, tone of voice, printed deliverables, social media, website and all software UI.

The refresh has provided a unified positioning for Cytec and an ease-in to how they communicate with their existing and future clients, as well as a wider audience.

“Cytec’s new brand identity captures our firm’s core values and future strategic vision. Our design partner, Minx Creative, not only helped to create a multi-level identity, they unified our branding, helped us to understand our communication strengths (and weaknesses) and simplified application. We have received dedicated and focused support throughout the process with every step guided by their clear direction and lead. We are extremely proud of the end results and thank the team at Minx for this incredible work.”

Nick Chinn


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