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Unity and fairness

Public Lending Right International (PLRI) was set up in the 1940s as a platform that would bring countries together with ‘Public Lending Right’ systems to facilitate the exchange of best practice. It further went on to provide advice and technical assistance to countries looking to set up PLR systems for the first time.

The system, ‘Public Lending Right’, is the right of authors and other rightsholders to receive payment for the free public use of their works in libraries.

In every PLR country the use of authors’ works in public libraries forms the bedrock of the system. Additionally, other types of library, such as school and university libraries, may be included.

Clear representation and presentation

The MC team were initially approached to create a video capturing PLRI representatives across the globe, sharing their view on the benefits of the Public Lending Right system.

Whilst collaborating with the stakeholders, it became apparent the existing identity scheme needed a refresh with a new flexible visual language to support application and future growth.

The logomark stayed true to the spirit of the existing mark. The new visual language featured an adaptive pattern scheme, illustrated vignettes, bespoke iconography, strong typography and a vibrant digitally-led colour palette.


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