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Visual identity, branding and strategy for a creative platform

A modern-day paper goods revolution

Storigraphic is a new creative platform, conceived, developed and launched by our studio.

Striving to be the very best in crafted paper goods, the company aims to share good vibes to all, championing charity and encouraging positive deeds, with sustainability firmly rooted at its heart.

Storigraphic’s unique gift products are plastic-free with a production practice of: CarbonNeutral®, FSC® chain of custody, ISO 14001 certified environmental management system recycling over 99% of all dry waste. Additionally, 5% of Storigraphic’s net profits is donated to Crisis, UK.

An identity crafted to purvey good design, typography, flexibility and modernity

Following the development of a comprehensive brand strategy, defining an all-star set of values and name generation, we began the process of creation.

We focused on designing an identity that captured the brand’s unique personality, while conveying their bold spirit and commercial strength, to resonate with a wide audience. We engineered a bespoke type, created a simple storytelling mark — bringing in the all-important factor of two to represent gift-giver and giftee — plus a distinctive colour system (named after book classics), giving a fresh vibrancy to application.

Developing a visual language plus comprehensive toolkit ensured consistency, (brand and audience) trust-building, ease of application and maximum brand memorability. Motion graphics to help with brand values and storytelling, social media campaigns, new books created and personalisation journeys became integral to our work.

Our approach to UI/UX design and build of the ecommerce website focused on keeping the whole user experience and purchasing journey as effortless as possible. Over 90% of customers were projected to be mobile device users, meaning the process of personalisation had to be simplified without compromising the customer’s expectations and experience.

Copywriting the narrative and digitally illustrating each of the books encapsulated our explorational mix of graphical ingenuity with heartfelt meaning behind every page created.

“A whole-team journey; this project has utilised every service area within our studio. Challenging, uncompromising and whole-heartedly fulfilling.”

Roz Nazerian
Co-founder and Executive Creative Director


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