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Brand Identity Motion Strategy

Visual identity for a statement furniture-maker and textile print designer

A refresh for Atelier Ray Clarke

Established and based in London, Ray Clarke is an experienced furniture-maker, artisan upholsterer and textile designer. Having trained in fashion and textile design, Ray has used his creative application, knowledge and technical skills to create beautiful and unique furniture pieces for clients far and wide.

Whether reimagining an existing piece, or creating new ones using traditional or modern techniques, Ray remains passionate, enjoying the origination and process equally. He continues to grow and expand his studio, looking to create furniture that features more of his own unique textile designs printed across a selection of fabrics to distribute worldwide, as well as ultimately producing his own ARC branded capsule collection.

Inspired by mid-century to modern day

We were engaged to help Ray develop the first phase of his Atelier’s brand refresh. Inspired by the utility logomark, CC41, Ray provided a visual prompt for our approach in creating a distinct logomark that best represented him and his passion for furniture, textiles, craft and application. We developed bespoke letterforms for the acronym, ‘ARC’ and defined it as the identifying mark. Knowing it had to work multi-functionally across all materials and standard routes, the letter sizing and stitch line apertures (letter counters) were rigorously reviewed and refined until we achieved the exact aesthetic.

“From the moment I contacted Roz, Nic and the team at Minx, they completely understood my thinking and ethos behind the new branding. Minx were superb throughout my experience. Discussions over design details were swift and precise. I felt I was being supported throughout the project. The final job was delivered on time and within budget, providing me with a new brand identity that will definitely help take Atelier Ray Clarke to the next level in terms of presenting my products and services. I cannot recommend Minx Creative highly enough for their professionalism, service and support. Thank you for your excellent work!”

Ray Clarke

Monkey Print courtesy of Ray Clarke


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