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Visual styling, development, storyboarding and motion to explain the complexity of writers’ works

Explaining where the money comes from

Authors’ Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) is a unique not-for-profit organisation set up for the benefit of all types of writers, collecting money due for secondary uses of writers’ work.

Passionately advocating and lobbying for writers’ rights since 1977, ALCS represents over 120,000+ members and in total has paid over £650 million to writers.

Finding and collecting money from secondary sources is a complex process that ALCS has successfully defined and refined over the past 45+ years. Whilst their membership base is privy to the organisation’s activities, including the general collecting routes, they wanted a video to explain the process in detail for ease of full understanding to their wider audience, as well as straightforward content sharing.

We had refreshed the organisation’s visual identity the previous year which immediately provided us with a comprehensive visual guide and a confident overview of our approach. Our early storyboards included the introduction and development of shapes to represent creator categories which were then refined to an augmented visual style. The story represents the journey taken from the beginning of understanding the categories and types of creators, through to sources of where the money comes from, how it is collected and finally, distribution.

Inclusive to our consultation, planning and project management, extent of executed work comprised conceptual design, visual development and application, illustration, storyboarding, motion development and audio sourcing.


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    Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society

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